Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted

This stark piece of slow cinema captures one mans battle with the world around him. Joe, a small-town abattoir worker, leads us on this allegorical journey. His dream to fly has impelled him to construct his own helicopter. Its a ramshackle assembly of scrap and found objects. The machine has no real practical capability aside from standing as a monument to his individuality. It becomes evident that an art buyer has offered money for the flamboyant creation, a mixed blessing that has caused a fracas. The community are unjustifiably demanding a stake in the potential spoils. Joe must fight them off, or lose all he has worked for. The stress spurs his weakness for drink. Joe visits the local watering hole and makes a nuisance of himself. He is tossed to the street. Needing to settle his hunger, Joe unapologetically steals a chicken from one of his neighbours.  

Once sobered, Joe returns the donkey cart he hires to haul heavy scrap. The local vendor has fallen prey to peer pressure and says he may no longer hire it. Joe retreats to his hideout.  

An overly ambitious politician comes meddling. He appears to be offering up some kind of resolution. The two men head out for a meeting with the local chief. There they discuss the various community concerns that have arisen due to Joe’s creation. The whole affair is fraught with uncertainty and we are left, like the participants, unsure of its outcome.  

Joe’s hardships continue as he unfairly loses his job. He is further saddened that none of his co-workers stand up for him. Joe is dubious he will ever quell or escape the people’s jealousy. In desperation, he drags his large machine as far away as possible. He hopes the back-breaking efforts will put enough distance between his creation and the grabbing hands.  

The art buyer helicopters back into town looking for Joe and his master piece. But cant find them. The community can’t or won’t assist in divulging his new location, spoiling Joe’s opportunity of a sale. Desperate and melancholic, Joe visits a woman of the night. This experience leaves him feeling further skeptical of his fellow man. The art buyers return has kicked up more than just dust. Tensions have reached breaking point. The chief berates Joe for dragging his creation away, accusing him of deceit. The town’s young troublemaker rounds up a demolition squad. Their actions end disastrously when a young child is fatally wounded.  

The blame falls unceremoniously on Joe’s shoulders. Both the local policeman and priest fail to come to Joe’s defence. He feels trapped on the sinister side of human nature. Tired and frustrated, he finds himself at a judgement of Solomon type moment. In a sad selfless act, Joe destroys everything he has worked for. 

Art film awards 2022 – special mention 

Athens international monthly art film festival 2022 – honourable mention

Birmingham film & television festival 2022 – finalist Black hat film festival 2021 – official selection 

Boden international film festival 2021 – official selection 

Crown Point international film festival 2022 – winner best feature 

Cult movies international film festival 2022 – official selection 

Indie Movies Spark film festival 2022 – winner best experimental/art film

International motion picture awards 2022 – official selection 

Kiez Berlin film festival 2022 – honourable mention

First – Time filmmaker session – official selection 

New York Movie awards 2022 – best Indie Film 

Pure Magic international Film Fest 2022 – winner best experimental film

Tokyo international monthly film festival 2022 –  winner 

Vanilla Palm film festival & international art competition – California 2022 – official selection 

The Standalone Film Fest & Award 2022 – Los Angeles – official selection

Seoul International Monthly Film Festival 2022 – honourable mention

London International Monthly Film Festival 2022 – honourable mention

Lulea International Film Festival 2022 – Sweden – finalist International

World Film Awards 2022 – New York – winner best African feature

Independent Online Filmfest 2022 – Germany – winner Ivrea 

Film Screening 2022 – Italy – official selection Iconic Images 

Film Festival 2022 – official selection 

Festival del Cinema di Cefalu 2022 – Italy – official selection 

Alternative Film Festival 2022 – Canada – best actor 

Ramsgate International Fil Festival 2022 – UK – official selection